My dad built two go-carts out of scrap metal and lawn mower motors. And me, my brothers and sister would drive them up and down our long driveway. And it was totally safe as you can see in the photo above.


When my parents built an addition to their house, the carpenters cut a bunch of 2x1s in to small blocks for me and my brother. I used to create these elaborate domino-style spectacles all over the house. (and I have no idea what I am wearing... we'll blame it on the baby-sitter.)



That's me. Circa 1978. Outside the first house where we lived in Ohio. Check out my awesome tennies. I love that hilarious conversion van in the background.


If you are in the USA, happy Independence Day. This is my great-grandfather's citizenship application from 1906!


How many of you remember Schoolhouse Rock? All of you? Ok, cool.

Let's relive some of the better videos...

My favorite, by far, is Telegraph Line from 1979. The telegraph line/nervous system analogy is great and that little messenger kid on the bike is too cool.

I also like that wacky Interplanet Janet from 1978...

I especially like the lyrics about the sun.... "It's a star! It's a star! So, Janet got an autograph." I also like Janet's blank look. She kinda looks like a drag queen, too.

Of course, every one's favorite is Conjunction Junction from 1973...

This was part of the first wave of the series. I like it alright, but not as much as some of the others. I do think the premise of this one holds true throughout.

The next favorite is I'm Just a Bill from 1975...

It's funny that this is pretty much not how a bill becomes a law anymore. It was produced as part of America Rock for the US Bicentennial in 1976. The other videos in the 'Merica Rock series go overboard on the patriotism and some border on nationalistic. No More Kings and The Great American Melting Pot are particularly offensive to me. Different times, I guess.

What's your favorite Schoolhouse Rock episode?


Yes, that's me. 1977. I've been wearing stripes ever since I wore this Garanimals get-up. Speaking of mix and match 1970s children's clothing, check out this 1975 TV advert...


Hey everyone... I'M BACK! Sorry it's been a YEAR since I last posted. I'm not sure why I stopped updating the blog, it's not like my hands got cut off in some crazy bad ass honey badger accident and I couldn't type.

Anyhoo, I'm just going to start right back in with another edition of WHAT I DIDN'T BUY (at the thrift store)...

A few weeks ago I went to Indianapolis for the weekend to see a friend perform as the Baker's Wife in Into the Woods (she was amazing!) I went up in the morning and spent the day thrifting. I found some great stuff! And I will show you that great stuff at the end of this post. But first, you cheeky monkey, I need to show you WHAT I DIDN'T BUY...

This hutch was great. And it was only $70. But I have no room nor reason to purchase said hutch. So I took a photo and away I went. 

This little guy with a cork head looked like he was supposed to be something vintage and amazing. But I didn't know if he was vintage or retro or something that's worth a billion dollars because he's rare and Scandinavian or something. So I left him. And the large tumbler was fun, but just didn't get my juices flowing (see what I did there).

The wooden tray bowl hybrid was awesomely mod, but it had a nick. And I like the clock, but not that much to buy it for the shop.

Ok, so now on to some of the amazing things I did find in Indy...

Why yes, that's an Alvar Aalto designed Iittala votive candle holder. It's not vintage, but it was only $1. I also found an amazing "TOTE" bag that's perfect for my MacBook. I also kept that brown and blue and tan mod vase. And also that giant paperclip. The black and multi-colored pot, the Orchids of Hawaii tiki mugs and the white enamel kettle are all in the shop.

What DIDN'T you buy recently at the thrift store recently?


 Two years ago I made a batch of ties out of vintage fabrics. I posted a photo on my Flickr page and it became my third most viewed photo. Everyone was asking when I was going to start selling them. At the time I was too afraid of all the hand sewing required so I didn't finish them.

A few days ago I posted the image on Instagram and Facebook and once again, they were a huge hit. I got out the needle and thread and sat my ass down and started sewing. It wasn't that bad and didn't take that long. It went faster while watching a DVD.

I will make more and start selling them but I need to test them first. I want to improve the pattern and know if there are any potential issues.

I need three testers that are willing to wear the a tie over the next 2-3 weeks and then report any issues. I will send you the tie. All you need to do is report back to me. You can keep the tie.

The first THREE readers who comment to this post will receive the ties. I will choose which tie you get. Please be sure to leave an email address. USA and CANADA residents only.

UPDATE :: all spots are filled. Thanks!


I'm always on the look out for unique vintage wall art. It sells fairly well in the shop and is a great way to decorate my own place. It's an inexpensive way to add some original art to your home which can make a huge statement especially when it's larger or when you group it together on one wall.

Below is some art I found while thrifting but didn't bring home with me...

I collect hand painted portraits. But that doesn't mean I buy everyone I see. It depends on the price, then condition and what my gut tells me. This is a great thing to keep in mind for other collections that you might have... don't buy everything just because you want a collection... only buy what you love.

The two portraits above were alright, but they didn't speak to me. I liked how jolly the man was but it just didn't have that certain something that I want to see. And the child was just kind of creepy.

I don't mind prints, especially when they are kitschy and quirky like these. But these pieces are more Shabby Chic/Bohemian than I like. They'd do well in the shop, but they were too expensive.

I'm always attracted to string art. My dad made a bunch and hung them in his office. Whenever I see one I always think of him. The two above were in poor condition so they stayed at the thrift store.

I love mod, abstract art. The mirror above was cool, but also had a county-fair-not-cool vibe that I didn't like. The Japanese style print was also cool, but it was really big. I didn't love it enough to buy for myself, and it was too big to sell in the shop.

What DIDN'T you buy at the thrift store lately?


Usually about once or twice a year a phenomenon I call a "feng shui attack" envelopes my life for a few days at a time. It usually is triggered when I feel that I have too much "stuff" and need to purge.

I'm currently in the middle of one such attack (my car is filled with bags and boxes full of stuff to donate.) While I was cleaning out the living room I decided to take a few hours and rearrange. Which a minimum amount of effort, I made it a bit more inviting and comfy. It seems to work a bit better now and looks more professional.

The tulip table I bought months ago has finally been reassembled. It's not the best use of a dining table, but it will do for now.

Instead of buying new throw pillows, I just whipped up some new ones using an old striped sweater and an old Urban Outfitters bed coverlet.

I also dug around my fabric stash and found some awesome old IKEA fabric that I am going to use to finally cover the cushions of the Danish modern chair I've had for years. When I leave this apartment this chair will go with me, so I am going to take my time with this one and make a sample using muslin to get it right before I use the "real" fabric.

I recommend spending an hour or two and rearranging a room in your home. It can make a huge difference.


All women's clothing and accessories are on sale in the KitschWear shop. I'm clearing space because I plan to give the shop a make over as well as only selling men's items.

Lots of great vintage items for women, some reduced up to 50%. Check out all items in the shop.


I have a bunch of "what I didn't buy" photos backing up on my phone. So, I thought I'd put together a few installments by subject. Today... furniture.

These tables could all be great in the right environment. The silver glass combo on the left would be an awesome dining table with some super mod chairs. The green plastic side table could be either super BoHo or minimal mod. The mirrored side table on the right could be totally glam in the right setting.

The wooden chairs on the left would look great around a Saarinen tulip table. And I can picture the yellow office chairs in a mod design or architecture office.

I've always wanted a French-inspired sofa like this. I love mixing antiquey with mod. It would have to be reupholstered in a neutral fabric like tan or gray and maybe the frame repainted.

I always love a good, mod hutch and I see them fairly often. I don't have a need for one, but these two would be great for a dining room or living room. Or how about an artist's studio... I can see two of these sitting side by side holding fabric, paints, etc. It would be cool to paint them something bright, like pink and orange.

I mentioned above I am not looking for a hutch, but I am looking for a smallish sideboard/cabinet like this one. I was standing in the thrift store considering it, when this woman wheeled her cart in front of me and said in a bitchy tone, "Um, I've already claimed that." Ok, whatever, you weren't even anywhere near it when I got there. It wasn't in the best condition anyway.

What DIDN'T you buy at the thrift store recently?